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Ushuaia food scene: Where to eat at The End of the World

Medialunas, jelly and cream cheese from Tante Sara in Ushuaia

Delicious medialunas with cream cheese and jelly from Tante Sara

Besides Ushuaia’s impressive natural beauty, another strong touristic point is the Patagonian cuisine. Despite being a small town, the restaurants are very good, they offer the typical food and also explore the international cuisine, so it’s possible to please every taste.

The restaurants below, Tante Sara and Bodegon Fueguino, stand out for being delicious and have a good cost-benefit. While visiting the city during the summer of 2015, we ate at this two spots a few times each. Yes! We liked them that much, so we kept coming over and over.


 Bodegon Fueguino

The restaurant Bodegon Fueguino in Ushuaia

Excellent choice of restaurant in Ushuaia, in every way, ambiance, food, service, price, location. During dinner time the place is packed so it’s good to get there early, between 8 pm and 8:30 pm. The restaurant is located on the main avenue, it’s a wooden house above the street level, the atmosphere is rustic and beautiful, all the seats have a wooly sheepskin over them, very cozy. The clientele is quite varied, families, young and older couples.

The service is good, quick and attentive, when they knew that one of us was intolerant to gluten and lactose, they brought a special entrance (plus the standard entry for us, bread and butter), and that happened all the other times that we went there, they recorded our faces.

The ambience of Bodegon Fueguino in Ushuaia

Rustic and cozy atmosphere

Patagonian lamb from Bodegon Fueguino in Ushuaia

The famous Patagonian Lamb

Ojo de bife from Bodegon Fueguino in Ushuaia

Ojo de Bife, the softest steak served with the creamiest mashed potato

The food is excellent, well made and well served, we were in five, and we usually ordered three dishes to share (enough for us). Since we went there so many times, we had the opportunity to taste several dishes, such as the famous Patagonian Lamb, the Chorizo Steak, the ojo de bife, and the pasta.

The Patagonian Lamb is delicious, tasty, well cooked and well served, I asked for it twice. But the dish most requested at our table was the ojo de bife, extremely soft. Be sure to try the mashed potatoes, it’s delicious, you can order as a dish side to eat with the steak. When my dish didn’t come with this side, I always asked to change.

The prices are fair for a very well made food, for us it was cheaper because we shared the dishes. The final bill for five people was around AR$800-850, with three main dishes, drinks (water, soda, sometimes wine) and all the taxes.

We elected Bodegon Fueguino was the best restaurant of our trip, we went there so many times that in the end the attendants already knew us and greeted us warmly, like old friends. On our last night in Ushuaia, as soon as we set, one of the guys already asked: “The usual?”


Practical information

When? It opens from Tuesday to Sunday, from noon to 3 pm and from 8 pm to midnight

Where? Av. San Martin, 859 – Ushuaia, Argentina

Official website


Tante Sara Café & Bar

Breakfast combos from Tante Sara in Ushuaia

Big breakfast combos

The food is tasty and well served; you can split one dish between two people who don’t eat too much. In our first time, we ordered three breakfast combos (the Continental and the American), and we shared between five people. It was more than enough for us since each combo included several things: Coffee or tea, orange juice, scrambled eggs, medialunas (the best that I ate there), toasts, cheese, ham and homemade jelly (very good, by the way).

We came back other times, during lunchtime and in the middle of the afternoon, we tasted the ravioli (well done), the chicken fajita (very tasty and well served), one of the various sandwiches (good to share, they are big and come with fries), among others. The prices are fair, and splitting the dishes is even cheaper. Each breakfast combo, for example, cost between AR$111 and AR$131, great cost-benefit.

Sorrentino from Tante Sara in Ushuaia

Ham and cheese sorrentino. Very tasty!

Sandwich and fries from Tante Sara in Ushuaia

Good and well-served sandwich at Tante Sara

Chicken fajita from Tante Sara in Ushuaia

Chicken Fajita, delicious and well served. It was the waiter suggestion for the day, he got it right!

The first meal we had at “The End of the World” happened at this restaurant. It caused a very good impression, and we ended up coming back other times. Even because it is open all day long, and if you miss the official lunch time (because of some tour), you can still find a good place to eat.

Keep in mind that the Argentines close the restaurants and shops at some point in the afternoon, so it’s quite possible that you want to do some shopping or have a late lunch (like after 2:30 pm) and can’t find anything open. Not every establishment follows the “rule”, but it’s good to know. Tanta Sara, for example, will not let you down.


Practical information

When? Monday to Thursday  from 7:30 am to 1 am, Fridays from 7:30 am to 2 am, Saturdays from 8 am to 2 am and Sundays from 9 am to 1 am

Where? Av. San Martin, 701 – Ushuaia, Argentina

Official website


The prices presented here are from February of 2015 and the currency is Argentine Peso

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