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Summer in Europe: Pros and cons of traveling during the season

Crowds in Venice during the summer

Europe is beautiful regardless of the season of the year, but the high season to visit the old continent is during the summer, June, July, and August. It’s tempting to choose one of these months to visit Europe since the weather is warm and everybody seems to be happy. But everything has two sides (at least). I love summer but traveling during this season has its pros and cons. I know, what could be “bad” about it? Well, take a look at the list.


Here are the pros & cons of traveling during the summer



Scheveningen during the summer

Enjoying the summer weather in Scheveningen


 You can pack light: It’s great not to carry a big and heavy luggage, right? Flip flops and sandals are smaller and so much lighter than winter boots. Flowy dresses, tank tops, and shorts occupy much less space than jeans and big jackets.

 The cities will be very alive: A lively city is, for sure, an exciting thing.  It seems like you are in the center of the universe and that’s the place where everybody is or wants to be. The sun and the good weather keep the mood of everyone at a nice and pleasant level.

 Outdoor activities: Picnics at the parks, happy hours on the sunset, beach parties, restaurants with outdoor tables, going out to photograph the city and its architecture without freezing your hands and nose.

 Longer days: Sunlight until late hours, more time to explore the cities.



Outdoor tables in Venice during the summer

Outdoor tables in a warm night in Venice


 The weather can get way too warm: Warm weather is good and helps to keep the good mood. But when is too warm the skin gets clingy; you get tired faster, and you can’t keep walking on the sun without melting out or having a sunburn.

 All the attractions will be crowded: During the summer all the attractions will be crowded and with big lines to get in. It can be stressful if you don’t buy the tickets in advance or get there very early. Also, the streets will be busier and full of tourists pushing each other.

 The prices are high: During the summer, everything is usually more expensive than during the low season. The restaurants, hotels, plane/train tickets will cost more because of the big number of tourists. It’s a fact!

 Closed spots: You might find yourself trying to go to a bar or restaurant that you planned ahead but when you get there, big surprise: The place is closed for a few days or weeks! You are on vacation, but so are the Europeans. That can happen during the summer season, especially during August.


Line to get into the Duomo in Florence

Big line to get into the Duomo in Florence

The cons may not be enough to change your mind about when to travel, but it’s something to consider if you want to save some money or have the cities a little bit more to yourself. Would you add some pro or con to the lists? Let me know in the comments.


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