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Visiting the Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro

Cable car of the Sugarloaf mountain in Rio de Janeiro

When in Rio de Janeiro you have to visit the Sugarloaf Mountain (Pão de Açucar in the original language), one of the most famous postcards from the Wonderful City (Cidade Maravilhosa, how Rio is known). The place is beautiful, and the views are panoramic and breathtaking. Up there you’ll have a 360° view of the city, Corcovado (where the Christ The Redeemer is), Copacabana, Ipanema, Guanabara Bay, just no name a few. It’s better to go on a sunny day; you’ll get some great pictures.

There are two mountains, both accessible by the cable cars (easiest choice). To get to the top of the Sugarloaf Mountain, you have to stop before at the Urca Hill (Morro da Urca), the first cable car that you’re going to take will stop there. The views of the Urca Hill are also beautiful, take your time, and enjoy the moment. There you’ll find an area with the old cable cars exhibit, called The Cable Car Plaza (Praça dos Bondes).

From the Urca Hill, you’ll get another cable car to go to the famous Sugarloaf. The facilities up there (on both mountains) are good; there are restrooms, places to eat, stores, benches to seat and rest and also an amphitheater (for concerts).

Cable car of the Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro

People waiting for the cable car

View from the Urca Hill in Rio de Janeiro

View from the Urca Hill

The Cable Car Plaza at the Urca Hill in Rio de Janeiro

The Cable Car Plaza

So, the whole experience is divided into two parts. First stop is the Urca Hill and the second is the Sugarloaf Mountain. Check it out the interactive map to understand. You don’t have to book a tour to make the visit, you can easily do it by yourself, you just have to buy the tickets at the ticket office, right where you catch the cable car. That simple!

View of the Sugarloaf Mountain from the Urca Hill in Rio de Janeiro

You can rest, eat, drink and refresh yourself while enjoying the amazing view of the Sugarloaf Mountain


How much it costs?

R$ 80 – Adults.

R$ 40 – Youngs (from 6-21 years old), students (MBA, Master, and Ph.D. students don’t count), elderly citizens (over 60 years old), and also people with special needs. ID, student ID or document proving the deficiency has to be presented to get the discount.

FREE – Kids under 6 years old.

The price includes the Urca Hill and the Sugarloaf Mountain, and you can stay in there as much as you please. You can buy the ticket at the ticket office (where the cable car takes off), and you have to use it on the same day. Or you can buy the ticket online, choosing the day you want to visit. I always bought it at the ticket office, and the size of the line was never a problem.


Is there a cheaper way to get up there?

Yes. There’s a trail to get to the Urca Hill and it’s free. I recently did it and I’ll post more detail here soon.

View of Rio the Janeiro from the top of the Sugarloaf Mountain

Stunning view from the top of the Sugarloaf Mountain


Practical Information

When? It opens every day of the week. The ticket office opens at 8 am and closes at 7:50 pm. The park closes 1 hour after the ticket office.  The cable car takes off every 20 minutes.

Where? Pasteur Avenue, 520, Urca – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Official website


The prices presented here are from July of 2016, and the currency is Brazilian Real

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