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How to get to Sperlonga: A round trip from Rome

Beach in Sperlonga

Sperlonga is a seaside town in the province of Latina in the Lazio region, the city is close to Rome (about 1h15 by train) and is the perfect place to go and spend the day. Sperlonga sits on a hill, and it has a beautiful view of the sea and the crowded beaches in the summer, most visitors are Italians. It’s possible to get there using only public transportation, which is great for whoever is in Rome without a car.

We visited the city (we were in two people) in August of 2015, during the European summer season, and it was nice, hot, but nice. This destination was not in our plans, but it was a great discovery, you know that kind of place that you visit without a plan and expectation and in the end, it surprises you? Sperlonga was like that, a pleasant surprise.

Waterfront avenue in Sperlonga

Via Cristoforo Colombo (the waterfront avenue), you can see the old tall on the top of the hill


How we ended up in Sperlonga

Rome was the last stop on a 15-day trip through Italy, on our last day, after we had visited the main attractions of the eternal city, we wanted to go to some city nearby. The initial idea was to visit Pompeii, but when we checked the schedules and prices of the trains, we realized that we would spend more time on the road than in the city itself, and also spend much more money than we planned.

So we decided to visit a seaside town, we made a very quick research the night before, but the final decision was made in front of the Trenitalia machine. The plan was to go to the nearest beach, but we changed our mind at the last minute, and we bought the tickets to Sperlonga instead, we had read that it was the nicest beach around, but a little further than the others.


How to get to Sperlonga from Rome

At Roma Termini train station, buy at any Trenitalia machine the ticket to Fondi-Sperlonga station (€6,90). The trip to Sperlonga takes approximately 1h15, once you arrive there, buy the bus ticket at the cafeteria (€1,50 each), the bus will take you to the historic center, you can also buy it on the bus, with the driver (this ticket doesn’t have to be validated). The bus departs every hour from the station; it stops in the middle of the road several times to get more people; it takes around 15 minutes to get to the beach.

Train station in Sperlonga

Fondi -Sperlonga Train Station

Bus ticket in Sperlonga

Bus ticket to go to the beach

Get off the bus at the first stop on the beach, so you’ll be close to two beaches of the city (you can walk from one to another). Talk to the driver if you have doubts about your stop, we just followed the flow; there was a crowd next to us, dressed as they were going to the beach; we followed them.

To return you can catch the bus at the same point where you stopped before (on the waterfront avenue), but pay attention because not all the buses that stop there go to the train station, the schedule is written on the board. We took the bus at 5:10 pm, when we got to the station we bought the tickets back to Rome Termini (€6,90), and we arrived there around 7:30 pm.

Bus stop in Sperlonga

The bus stop to catch the bus back to the station is in front of the Hotel Aurora (but on the other side of the street)

Detail, at the end of the afternoon the buses are full, everyone is leaving the beach, so be prepared for a packed bus ride full of sunburned vacationers. They are not very organized to get on the bus; they try to get through the door at the same time. So put your face in there and go along otherwise you’ll have to wait for the next bus. No one will open the way for you just because you got to the bus stop before everybody else.

Bus ride in Sperlonga

Packed bus at the end of the afternoon

Check it out: We were in doubt about the place that we should take the bus to go back, and we were discussing that inside a gelato place near the bus stop. While we were there, a bus passed by and the attendant screamed that it was our bus. We ran like crazy to get on the vehicle; we had to hold the door to get in (it was already closing). We ran up to the driver to confirm if that was the right bus aaand… It was not! We went down quickly because the driver was already looking angry, I think he was not very used to lost tourists. Ops! It’s a good idea to confirm with the driver if you are on the right bus.


Summing Up

1. Buy the train ticket at Roma Termini train station to Fondi-Sperlonga

2. Getting there, buy the bus ticket in the cafeteria or inside the bus

3. Get off at the stop in front of the beach

4. To return, take the bus at the same place

5. When you get to the station buy the tickets back to Rome Termini


The prices presented here are from August of 2015 and the currency is Euro

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