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RapaNui: Chocolate paradise in Bariloche

Hot chocolate from RapaNui in Bariloche

The most delicious hot chocolate ever!

RapaNui is the place to go in Bariloche if you are a chocolate lover. This traditional artisanal chocolate shop sells so many delicious products that it’s hard to decide what to pick. The place is quite big, a store, a café, an ice cream area, and also an ice ring in the back. It’s usually crowded during the afternoon, and you might have to get in line to wait for a table at the café.



The variety of products at RapaNui is wide; you can buy chocolate bars, pralines, chocolate for foundi, the special mixture that they use to make the hot chocolate they sell at the café. And also a few other products that have no relation with chocolate, such spices, sauces, teas, liqueurs, canned products. This section is much smaller than the chocolate one, but it’s worth a look in case you want to buy some local specialty. They also have a good variety of gluten-free products in the store (comparing to the others at least), which is great for celiac tourists.

The RapaNui chocolate shop in Bariloche

RapaNui store

Chocolate from RapaNui in Bariloche

How cute is this chocolate bag?

Chocolate products from RapaNui in Bariloche

Many chocolate products

Gluten-free chocolates from RapaNui in Bariloche

RapaNui has a good selection of gluten-free products


The café revolves around all thing chocolate, and pretty much all the dishes has something to do with chocolate, even the soup – the round bread where the soup is served has chocolate in the composition. If you are looking for a cozy place to eat some comfort food, look no further.

I buried my face into the hot chocolate without thinking (chocolate caliente). Hot chocolate is always the first thing me and family order when we visit any café anywhere in Argentina. And at RapaNui in Bariloche, we found our favorite. In the drinking menu you’ll also found coffee (café), tea (), cold drinks (bebidas frias) and beers (cervezas).

The café from RapaNui in Bariloche

RapaNui café, a place where I could spend the day!

Sweets from RapaNui in Bariloche


The menu from RapaNui in Bariloche

Expect a lot of finger-licking treats, the pastries and sweets are beautiful and I had a hard time deciding which one I was gonna get. I made a good choice as you can see in the picture below. Something to try is the FraNui, which is fresh raspberries bathed in chocolate (you better try this, the combination is simple and delicious). And, in case you’re wondering, the menu also includes a variety of gluten-free options.

Sweet from RapaNui in Bariloche

I do know how to order dessert!

FraNui from RapaNui in Bariloche

FraNui, fresh raspberries bathed in chocolate



As I said before, besides the shop and the café they also have an ice rink in the back (full of kids) and an extra ambiance where they sell ice cream (heladeria) and some of the options from the café.

The entrance of the RapaNui in Bariloche

The entrance of RapaNui in Bariloche

RapaNui is worth the visit if you are in Bariloche, especially during the winter, when you feel like running away from the freezing weather. The cozy ambiance and the tasty menu is a guarantee of a good time. And don’t forget to buy something for the ride, the pralines do not disappoint.


Practical Information

When? Sunday to Thursday from 8 am to 10 pm, and Friday to Saturday from 8 am to 11:30 pm

Where? Mitre 202, Bariloche – Argentina (they also have a store at Cerro Catedral, and in other cities in Argentina)

[smarticon name=”fa fa-angle-double-right”] Official Website (in Spanish only)


The prices presented here are from August of 2017 and the currency is Argentine Peso

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