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Pros and cons of making a cruise

Cruise terminal in Rio de Janeiro

Moving from one destination to another with total comfort while you can eat-drink-party-rest seems to be a fascinating way to travel. And it is indeed! It’s easy to get addicted to this kind of lifestyle, and most people when finishing the first cruise trip is already planning the next one. But, just like everything else in life, it has pros and cons. Of course,  the cons are not strong enough to make you cancel a trip. Still, it’s good to know, so you don’t get disappointed on board of your first cruise.


Here are the Pros & Cons of making a Cruise



View of the sun rising from the balcony of a cruise

Open food: Lots of food can be expected. The buffet has a good variety, and it’s (almost) always open. Also, the restaurants have an a la carte menu with many other options.

A different view every morning: It’s so exciting to open the balcony door in the morning – or wander around the top deck – to check out the new view.

All you need in one place: Restaurants, casino, SPA, gym, theater, movies, bowling, clubs, bars. Did I forget something?

You only unpack once: Doesn’t matter the next destination, your room will remain the same, and your luggage in the same place!

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Crowded pool on a cruise ship

You don’t have much time to visit the destination: If you are one day in a city and the next day in another one, you don’t have much time to explore the destinations.

Some areas are way too crowded: The combination “warm day + pool + 2,500 people” will pop an image in your mind. If the cruise navigates the whole day then…  Good luck to find a spot!

You have to pay for the internet on board: No free connection with the rest of the world while navigating is a bummer. Depending on how many days you’ll be on board, it might be a problem.

Claustrophobia: This con is only for those who get an intern room without any window, and suffers from claustrophobia.


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