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Pictures to inspire you to visit Delft

View of Delft from the top

Delft is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands; it’s small, charming and full of history. The location is perfect for a day trip from Rotterdam or The Hague. It was the home of the Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer. Where you can find the famous Delft Blue pottery. Delft is the place where members of the Dutch Royal family rest in peace. Also, Delft is a university city, so you’ll see a lot of students walking around, but not many tourists (I mean, compared to Amsterdam).

If you’re seeking for a destination in the country that is not crowded yet pretty, you just found it. The Netherlands is full of these little towns (ok, some of them are not that little) with its charming architecture, canals, history and delicious food. Delft is one of them! So, get inspired by the pictures below to add this city as a pit stop when in the Netherlands.


The photos below showcase Delft through my lens


Canal in Delft

Markt and the City Hall in Delft

Delft Blue pottery in Delft

Alleyway in Delft

View of Delft from the top of the New Church

Dutch cheeses in Delft

Graffiti wall in Delft

Canal and water reflection in Delft

View of Delft from the top of the New Church

Ducks in a canal in Delft

Eetcafé De Ruif in Delft

Dutch clogs at the Antiques, Bric-à-brac and Book Market in Delft

The outside of the New Church in Delft

Stroopwafel at the General Market in Delft

Strawberry boxes on the street in Delft

Roofs in Delft

Tulips at the General Market in Delft


Hands down, Delft is adorable! It’s so easy to get there, the train station is very central, you’ re just a short walk away from the historic area. If you want to spend only the day, you’ll find a lot of trains heading there from several cities in the Netherlands.


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