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Photos to inspire you to visit Amsterdam in the autumn


Autumn is that time of the year when the temperatures start getting colder, and the trees get those beautiful shades of yellow, brown and red. Amsterdam is a charming city regardless of the season, but during the fall it gets even more beautiful (if that’s possible!). The iconic canals are surrounded by trees and they reflect on the water, creating the perfect scenario to photograph. It’s gorgeous! And, besides the obvious beauty, is full of history, a must go when in Europe.

I went to Amsterdam in the middle of October (2016), when the city started to show traces of the new season. I was super excited to walk around only with my camera, to get lost and take a bunch of pictures. The leafs of the trees had those amazing colorful tones, at least until the winter starts to make all of them disappear. The photos bellow show the canals and also the Vondelpark.

Take a look at them to inspire you to visit Amsterdam in the autumn


What did you think about Amsterdam during the autumn season? Beautiful of way too beautiful? Let me know in the comments.

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