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30 photos and facts to fall in love with Hawaii


Hawaii dominates the imagination of many people; it’s the dream destination for surfers, adventurers, nature lovers and so on. I had the pleasure to visit Oahu – the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands, also where the city capital, Honolulu, is – while living in New York City, and it was a trip to remember. Write this post made me feel very nostalgic because it was an incredible adventure with special fellas; we were all very excited to be there. What else can I say? I want to go back as soon as possible and also visit the other Islands; they must be as amazing as Oahu. See below 30 photos and facts that will make you fall in love with this volcanic island, just like I did.

1.Because of the panoramic view of Hanauma Bay.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (1)

2. Because of the amazing corals of Hanauma Bay – you’ll scratch your belly and legs while snorkeling, but it doesn’t matter because the experience is too nice.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (2)

3. Because of the view from the window.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (3)

4. Because of Waikiki.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (4)

5. Because of the incredible sunset from Waikiki Beach.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (5)

6. Because of the fire torches around the city.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (6)

7. Because of the surfboards that you’ll see all the time.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (7)

8. Because of the view of the crater of Diamond Head volcano.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (8)

9. Because of the view of Honolulu, from the top of Diamond Head volcano.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (9)

10. Because of the breathtaking views from the roads around the island.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (10)

11. Because of Lanikai beach, one of the most beautiful in Oahu.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (11)

12. Because of the beautiful view of Laniloa.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (12)

13. Because of Haleiwa’s historic center, considered the first surf town in the world.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (13)

14. Because of Makapu’u point lookout.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (14)

15. Because of the trail to get there.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (15)

16. Because of Kailua beach, a spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing lovers.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (16)

17. Because of the fresh flower leis.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (17)

18. Because of the super colorful Hawaiian drinks.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (18)

19. Because of the deserted beaches that you’ll discover around the island.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (19)

20. Because of these super cool umbrellas, they are everywhere.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (20)

21. Because of the Honolulu Harbor.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (21)

22. Because of the hula shows that happen in the sunset in Waikiki Beach.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (22)

23. Because of Shark’s Cove.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (23)

24. Because of the street names.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (24)

25. Because of the delicious resorts with open areas to the public.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (25)

26. Because of the aggressively beautiful waves of the North Shore beaches (remembering that these large waves happen only during the winter).

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (26)

27. Because of the beautiful Byodo-In Temple.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (27)

28. Because of the people, adventurous, friendly and with good vibes.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (28)

29. Because of the color of the sea.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (29)

30. Because of the iconic “Aloha”, spoken by everyone anywhere on the island.

www.letscrosstheworld.com_hawaii-photos (30)

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