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Visiting La Boqueria Market in Barcelona

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La Boqueria is the oldest municipal market in Barcelona. Full of colors, smells, and flavors, it’s a place to get crazy to take a thousand pictures. There you can find a bit of everything, fruits, meats (some of them are very strange, to be honest), sweets, and many, many people. I was there for the first time during the winter (January 2016) and I still couldn’t escape the crowd, it’s a very touristic spot. Of course, during the summer the movement is much more intense, but I thought that I was not going to find so many people during the cold season. Well, I was completely wrong!

I went there a few times during different hours since I was staying in a hotel close to the market. I realized that there was always some movement, but it was more crowded in the afternoon and early evening. The bars/restaurants from inside were packed at peak times, hard to find a stool in the late afternoon. Be sure to visit the market when in Barcelona, the location is very convenient (Rambla) to join with other tours nearby. Now, if you like photography, as I said before, you’ll go crazy to take a thousand pictures. I did!

Check out the big amount of pictures I took in there


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Practical Information

When? From Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 8:30 pm (closed on Sundays).

Where? Rambla, 91, Barcelona, Spain | Official Website

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