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Ghent bucket list: What to do in the city

View of Ghent from the Gravensteen in Ghent, Belgium

Ghent is one of the most beautiful and charming destinations in Belgium. The city is located in Flanders, the northern region of the country. The medieval historical center is well conserved, it survived time and wars. I had the opportunity to visit Ghent several times while I was living in Belgium. It’s a city that I love, one of my favorites in the country.

It’s cozy but vibrant. It has a small town vibe, but it’s full of interesting sightseeing. There are many historic buildings, photogenic canals, cobblestone alleyways, delicious gastronomy, and great beers (it couldn’t be different, right?). Ghent is a city to be explored, either on a round-trip – usually from Brussels – or for a couple of days, if you have the chance.


Here’s my Ghent bucket list, my favorite things to do in the city


Visit the Gravensteen, the Castle of the Counts

The Gravensteen in Ghent, Belgium

Navigate through the canals in a boat tour

Boats on a canal in Ghent, Belgium


See the graffitis at the Werregaren Straat

The Werregaren Straat in Ghent,Belgium


Eat cuberdons, the most famous local candy

Cuberdons in Ghent, Belgium

Pay a visit to the Saint Nicholas’ Church

The St. Nicholas' Church in Ghent, Belgium


Visit the Arts & Antiques Fair inside the Saint Nicholas’ Church (first weekend of the month)

Arts & Antiques Fair inside the St. Nicholas’ Church in Ghent, Belgium


Drink local beers at the Gruut Brewery

Beers from the Gruut Brewery in Ghent, Belgium

Visit the Holy Food Market, a food hall located inside a chapel from the 16th century

The Holy Food Market in Ghent, Belgium


See the city from the top of the belfry tower

The belfry tower in Ghent, Belgium


Visit the Saint Bavo’s Cathedral

The St. Bavo's Cathedral in Ghent, Belgium


Eat sneeuwballen, a winter candy only available from September to March

Sneeuwballen, winter candy from Ghent in Belgium


Visit the Great Butcher’s Hall from the 15th century

The Great Butcher’s Hall in Ghent, Belgium


Eat a local dish (I recommend the gentse waterzooi)

Gentse waterzooi, typical dish from Ghent in Belgium


Walk around and get lost in the beautiful streets

Street in Ghent, Belgium


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