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Food Trucks you have to try in São Paulo

Dishes from Da Praia Food Truck in São Paulo

The food trucks are a big deal in São Paulo; the city is full of them. The range of specialties is big, cuisines from all over the world are explored in many different ways. Some of the food trucks chose to focus their service on beverages only – natural juices, beers, and wines -, and a few others on desserts, such as brigadeiro (typical Brazilian sweet), churros and so on. So, there’s something for every taste.

You can find them parked inside the so-called Food Truck Park – there are some of these parks around São Paulo -, or parked around the city, they are itinerant and change the location all the time. I’m a fan of food trucks, and I’ve tasted many of them in São Paulo. Here I only talk about the itinerant ones, those that you have to chase to eat. Below you’ll find a quick (and delicious) list of food trucks you have to try in São Paulo!


Da Praia

The food truck Da Praia in São Paulo

What to know: The name of the food truck “Da Praia” means “From the Beach”, and the specialty in seafood. The dishes are a mix of regional recipes with international inspiration, and the result is delicious. The kitchen is run by mother and son – family style -, and they use ingredients from local suppliers. The style of the truck is cool, relaxed, colorful; they put wooden tables and beach chairs around the truck creating a seaside vibe in the middle of São Paulo.

What to order: The menu changes, but if you see they have these two dishes, you should order it, Da Praia Thai (R$24), and Massa Scampi (R$25). The first one consists of grilled shrimps, curry and coconut milk sauce, peanuts, pineapple, chive, and white rice. The second dish is pasta (talharim style) with grilled shrimps in butter sauce, white wine, and Sicilian lemon.

Check out the official Facebook page to know its location!



Bigorna Food Truck in São Paulo

What to know: “Bigorna” means “Anvil”, and that’s is pretty much obvious since it’s the logo of the company. They serve delicious burgers (veggie options as well), one of my favorites in São Paulo. The catchphrase written on the truck is funny, “Sabotando seu regime desde 2014“, which means “Sabotaging your diet since 2014”. The owners, an advertiser and an engineer, dissatisfied with their professional life, made a successful partnership creating this delicious food truck that is worth chasing through São Paulo.

What to order: I like the classic Bigorna burger (R$25). It comes with the burger, bacon, cheese, arugula, tomato, and onion. The fries and the special wasabi mayonnaise is included in the price, which is great!

Check out the official Facebook page to know its location!



The food truck Bistruck in São Paulo

What to know: The idea behind the name Bistruck is the union of the words “Bistro” and “Truck”, resulting in a small and itinerant restaurant, the most gourmet of this list – but it’s not more expensive because of that. The kitchen is run by the European chef Marcelo Aroch, who already cooked in countries like Italy, Spain, Israel, and Colombia. The chef is specialized in Mediterranean cuisine, and the menu always has at least one dish related to that.

What to order: The menu changes, but if you see that they have the Pad Thai with Chicken (R$25), go for it. I also enjoy the Fries with Zaatar (R$8).

Check out the official website to know its location!


Kombi do Chef

The food truck Kombi do Chef in São Paulo

What to know: The name Kombi do Chef means Chef’s Kombi, because the food truck is a Kombi, which is super charming, in my opinion. The specialty is the Xis, a pressed sandwich typical from the Rio Grande do Sul (South of Brazil). The Xis they serve is very authentic, the bread (big and round) comes from Porto Alegre – just like the owners of the truck -, since this type of bread is not found in São Paulo.

What to order: The Xis Coração (R$25) is delicious, stuffed with grilled chicken hearts. If you’re not feeling adventurous – chicken hearts are not for everybody -, the Xis Calabresa (R$20) is also very good, it’s stuffed with smoked pepperoni. All of them come with corn, peas, lettuce, tomato, homemade mayonnaise, and cheese. You can also add other ingredients, like an egg (R$2), which is a good combination.

Gastronomic Curiosity: Chicken hearts are very consumed in Brazil, in the South is common to use them as a sandwich filling, and also as a pizza topping. In other regions, the most common way is to eat them in barbecues.

Check out the official Facebook page to know its location!

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There are several food trucks in São Paulo, this quick list is based on my opinion only. I listed the ones that I like and would recommend to a friend that is visiting the city.


The prices presented here are from December of 2016 and the currency is Brazilian Real


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