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12 facts about living in a student dorm in NYC

View from a student dorm in New York City

I lived in NYC for a couple of years; I was studying there, and I had the chance of experiment the art of living with a bunch of students from around the globe. That was my first time living abroad and with people from other cultures. This kind of living has its ups and downs, its advantages and disadvantages, some funny and weird moments that you’ll never forget. My experience was great! Of course, not all the moments were sunsets and rainbows, but when I look back, I see how happy and satisfied I was for being there, and living that kind of experience.


Check it out some facts about living in a student dorm in NYC


1. You are going to meet all kinds of people, from different cultures and with different manners, and you’ll have to learn how to deal with them.

2. You’ll realize that the concept of “cleaning” varies very much from person to person. Just as the concept of “politeness.”

3. You’ll start communicating through notes on the fridge/wall/door, more than ever.

4. You’ll value more your food when your roommates start attacking it without your permission.

5. You’ll exchange books, study supplies, and a lot of life stories.

Door at a student dorm in New York City

Dorm door with the name of all the roommates

6. Parties will happen! Some roommates will love the idea; some will hate it.

7. You’ll learn how to do the laundry, all by yourself. You’ll also forget your clothes on the dryer, and someone will take them out to use the machine.

8. You’ll awake early in the morning with the fire alarm ringing, and then you’ll realize that it’s just a simulation.

9. Or, you’ll awake in the middle of the night because of some noisy roommate getting home too drunk happy.

10. You’ll build a friendship with the dorm security guards, people that you’ll see every day.

11. At some point, you’ll fight with someone, but you’ll also make friends for life.

12. You’ll get tons of “new” furniture and other stuff at the end of the semester when the students that are moving out get rid of everything they have (little oven, shelf, clothes, art supplies, and even food).

Mess in a student dorm in New York City

The end of the semester. Looks like a pile of garbage, but it’s a real treasure!


All those facts I noticed when I was living in a student dorm in NYC, and they are based on my experience. It doesn’t mean that everybody that lives in a dorm room passes through all those situations. Some examples of the list are pretty standard, but others are very personal.


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