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5 facts about the beginning of spring in NYC

Spring in New York City

The spring is that season of the year that New Yorkers wait so anxiously, especially because of the low temperatures of the winter. After some cold months, everybody gets seek of wearing those heavy jackets every single day. Technically the spring starts around 19th/20th/21st of March (the date varies) on the North Hemisphere, but the thermostat doesn’t really follow that calendar.

So, when the mid-March approaches, the desire of leaving the winter coats behind increases. I usually say that the early spring is that time of the year when I – and probably many others – feel colder than ever. It’s funny because my soul wants so bad a weather that fits the “spring feeling” that I force myself to use lighter clothes, and then I freeze a little bit. I totally underestimate the weather, I know! The beginning of the season is full of “buts” and I’ll tell you why.

Spring in New York City

Tulips everywhere


1. The winter is over, but…

Technically the winter is over, and it’s the beginning of spring, but the cold weather still dominates the city. It’s easy to see snow even after the flower season started. Whoever is in charge for the climate on earth, clearly forgot to turn off the freezing button.


2. I wish I could wear a dress, but…

That time of the year that you waited for so long has finally arrived… The flowy dresses season! After a severe winter, all you want is to wear a dress without using thermal pants under it and a heavy coat over it. BUT… YOU… CAN… NOT! The weather is still too cold for that, even if your mind tells you the opposite.


3. The restaurants put tables outside, but…

You know the spring arrived because the restaurants started putting their tables outside again. After a cold winter, it’s a relief to see the sidewalks with tables again, it excites any New Yorker. But it’s a trap! At the beginning of spring, it’s not very pleasant to have an outdoor meal without a big heater over your head.


4. The flowers are so pretty, but…

The city gets so pretty when spring starts; the flowers are blooming and coloring the streets and the parks. But the pollen dominates everything, including your nose. It’s totally normal to have allergies during this time of the year.


5. Spring break, but…

The crazy spring break time that you see in the movies has finally arrived: Sun, bikini weather, pool/beach parties. But not in NYC! It’s a freezing break, if you want a movie-spring-break-experience, you’ll have to chase the sun to warmer locations, my friend!


Spring in New York City

Flowers blooming in Central Park


Well, for me, there’s no bad time to be in the Big Apple (all the seasons has something great to offer), but if you are traveling during the beginning of spring expecting a warm weather, you’ll not find it! The early season is still cold, you might even see some snow.

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