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Calçadão Urbanoide: Gastronomic space in São Paulo

Sitting area at Calçadão Urbanoide in São Paulo

The Calçadão Urbanoide is a cool open-air space, home to several food trucks and food stands in the heart of São Paulo. The place was created at the beginning of 2015 when there was a food truck boom in the city. Thus, a former parking lot on Augusta Street became a gastronomic space.

The location couldn’t be better, Augusta Street is “the place to be” for the youth since the 60’s, frequented by a variety of urban tribes. Besides, the Calçadão Urbanoide is just a few blocks from the busy Paulista Avenue.

It’s an outdoor food hall, stylish, with graffiti on the walls, wooden community tables, DJ playing (at certain times), and a funky vibe. Unfortunately, there is no green area with trees nearby – which would be a relief on those warm days – what you see around are buildings and more buildings. Most of the tables are covered, so you don’t have to worry if drizzles.

Food trucks and food tents at the Calçadão Urbanoide

Food trucks and food tents

Graffiti wall at Calçadão Urbanoide

All the walls are covered in graffiti

Baron Truck Bar at Calçadão Urbanoide

Baron Truck Bar, the place for drinks

There’s a varied of dishes to choose from, flavors, colors and aromas to please every taste. Brazilian food (of course!), Asian, Italian, Colombian, Peruvian, and so on. In the drinks department, you can find craft beers (regular ones as well), colorful drinks (caipirinha, mojito) and non-alcoholic beverages.

Some of the vendors are specialized in desserts, such as churros, waffles, and brigadeiro. From time to time, the trucks and tents can move away to other locations since the spots at the Calçadão Urbanoide are rented. But some of them have been there since the first time I visited the place (at the beginning of 2015).

Food preparation at Ganesha Asian Food

Ganesha Asian Food, you can pick all the ingredients or choose one of the suggestions

Dish from the Ganesha Asian Food at Calçadão Urbanoide

Fried rice with pork meat, from Ganesha Asian Food

Ribs from the BBQ Locombia at Calçadão Urbanoide

Pork ribs with baked potato and sour cream from the BBQ Locombia (display food)

Mr. Jones Beer Truck at Calçadão Urbanoide

Mr. Jones Beer Truck

Beer and caipirinha at Calçadão Urbanoine

Craft beer from Mr. Jones and caipirinha (with pineapple, lemon, mint, and vodka) from Baron

Macondo's arepa at Calçadão Urbanoide

Delicious arepa from the Macondo (Colombian food)

The prices of the food vary, can cost from R$20 to R$30 (some more, others less). Certain dishes are worth the price, others, honestly, are not. I’ve been there several times, and I’ve tasted many of the options, some of them were mouthwatering, others not so much –  It’s a matter of taste and opinion, of course. Everything is served in disposable utensils, which is practical but does not contribute to the environment.

Lox Deli food truck at Calçadão Urbanoide

Lox Deli food truck

Pastrami burger from Lox Deli at Calçadão Urbanoide

Pastrami burger from Lox Deli, pretty tasty!

Hamburgueria 162 food truck at Calçadão Urbanoide

The food truck from the Hamburgueria 162. Smells so good!

On the weekends the movement is bigger, both at lunchtime and night, but there are always people coming in and leaving, just keep an eye on the tables. Usually, on Fridays and Saturdays, there’s a DJ playing, the atmosphere is relaxed and lively. The Calçadão Urbanoide is frequented by families with children (mainly by day), couples and groups of friends, seeking for food and drinks in an informal and fun ambiance.

Entrance of Calçadão Urbanoide

One of the two entrances of Calçadão Urbanoide


Practical Information

When? It opens from Tuesday to Sunday at noon. The closing times vary: Tuesdays at 10 pm, Wednesdays at 11 pm, Thursdays at midnight, Fridays and Saturdays at 1 am, and Sundays at 10 pm.

Where? Two entrances: Rua Augusta, 1291 and Rua Frei Caneca, 1024 – Consolação, São Paulo, Brazil

Official website


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