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My 20 best travel moments of 2016

Pétrusse Park in Luxembourg during the autumn

I can’t believe how fast the year has passed; it’s mindblowing the velocity that time flies and thinking about that freaks me out a little. But when I look back moment-by-moment, I feel so happy, because I can see everything that happened and every place that I was fortunate to visit.  It’s a good exercise to stop and think about all those moments that took your breath away during the year, the big and the small ones.

I saw a Christmas advertisement from a Brazilian bank recently that touched me, and that fit quite well this moment. There are always beautiful ads during the holidays, but this one is the best I’ve seen so far. It’s about a grandmother sending a message to her grandchildren, it’s called “Letter to Grandchildren”, and it goes like this:

“I’ll teach you to connect two devices that are much more complicated than any computer: Time and Life.

And the first thing you need to know about the connection between time and life is: Life is much more important than time.

When you get to my age, you’ll see that we do not remember that much from the time we spent, but we do remember very well of each important moment that we lived, no matter how long it has passed.

So, my beloved grandchildren, keep this message in your memory and in the memory of your computer: Time is worth what we do with it and the most important thing in life is not the hours nor the minutes, but the moments we live together. Happy 2017!”

– If you understand Portuguese and wants to see the full vídeo, here’s the link to it –


And with that message in mind, here are my 20 best travel moments of 2016


1. Exploring Nice by the sunset during a quick trip 

Sunset in Nice

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2. Getting lost in the gothic quarter in Barcelona 

Gothic quarter in Barcelona

3. Exploring Monaco for a few hours

Street, buildings and mountains in Monaco

4. Walking around Foz da Ribeira in Porto 

Foz da Ribeira in Porto

5. Seeing the most beautiful sunset in Lisbon

Sunset in Lisbon

6. Visiting the Torre de Belém

Torre de Belém in Portugal

7. Discovering the historic Obidos in Portugal 

Castle and roofs in Obidos

8. Cruising the Brazilian coast 

Cruise ship, sea and coconut tree in Brazil

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9. Getting to know Antwerp like a local 

Bocadero in Antwerp

10. Visiting Ghent for the first time 

Flowers and medieval buildings in Ghent

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11. Enjoying a weekend in Den Haag and surroundings 

Scheveningen beach in Netherlands

12. Exploring my first Scandinavian city, Copenhagen

Boats and buildings at the Nyhavn in Copenhagen

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13. Spending an afternoon in Malmo, Sweden 

Waterfront in Malmo

14. Falling in love with Paris

Boat, canal, bridge and architecture in Paris 

15. Biking in the countryside of Amsterdam 

Biking in Durgerdam

16. Eating and drinking well in Brussels 

Calamares, moules frites and wine at the Mer du Nord in Brussels

17. Being guided through the historical side of Bruges 

Swans in Bruges

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18. Discovering Luxembourg  

Casemates du Bock in Luxembourg

19. Spending a pleasant afternoon in Durbuy

Durbuy in Belgium 

20. Getting to know more about my own country at Salvador da Bahia

Colorful architecture of Salvador da Bahia in Brazil

Happy 2017!

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