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Beco do Batman, an open-air graffiti gallery in São Paulo

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Beco do Batman is a colorful alley (composed of two streets, actually) filled with graffiti; it’s an open-air gallery located in the charming neighborhood of Vila Madalena, in São Paulo. Vila, how the neighborhood is commonly called by the Paulistanos (people from São Paulo), is a bohemian place, full of cool bars and trendy restaurants. I can’t see a better place for Beco do Batman be located.

The name of the place is because, back in the 80’s, a graffiti of Batman was found in there. After that, the walls were covered in many others graffiti, and today it’s a very touristic spot in the city. The drawings are constantly renovated by different artists. So, there is always a reason to come back. By the way, you can also find other painted walls in the surrounds.

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That is a great spot to visit when in São Paulo, especially if you enjoy urban art. If you go to the Beco do Batman during the weekend, you’ll see a lot of people walking around and taking a bunch of pictures. Also, during the weekend is really easy to find a fair or some kind of festival happening in there (or close to it). Music, food trucks, and graffiti, what a great combination

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The only problem is that the place is open for cars (they use them as a parking lot), what I think it’s a bummer. But the idea of the neighborhood city hall is to close the street soon, prohibiting the cars to circulate in there. I hope that really happens, but for now, watch out for the cars while taking your pictures.

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Other things to do near the Beco do Batman

Eat in one of the many cool restaurants, have a few drinks in one of the bohemian bars, visit the Benedito Calixto fair (happens on Saturdays), visit the art galleries. Vila Madalena is a good neighborhood to get lost, one of my favorites in São Paulo!


Practical Information

How much? Free as a happy bird.

When? Any day at any time. I suggest to go during the day; it’s safe, and there’s sunlight.

Where? Rua Gonçalo Afonso and Rua Medeiros de Albuquerque, Vila Madalena – São Paulo, Brazil. 

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