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Amsterdam food scene: The best spots to grab a bite

Street with restaurants in Amsterdam

The food scene in Amsterdam is something amazing, so many delicious places to go; it’s a paradise for foodies. It’s so pleasant to walk around the belt channels – and the small streets-, and find out cool spots to go. I’ve visited the city a few times, and I like to try new restaurants every time I’m there, as well as revisit old ones that I enjoy. Below you’ll find a few of my favorite places in Amsterdam to grab a bite.


Thaise Snackbar Bird

Food and ambiance of Thaise Snackbar Bird in Amsterdam

What to know: Thaise Snackbar Bird is a simple spot close to the Red Light District (but not in the middle of the windows), located in a street full of Asian restaurants. The food is very tasty, and the dishes are well served, big enough to share (everybody does that). The prices are good; you can have a great meal spending not too much. It’s always crowded, but the rotation of people is fast, you eat and you leave. You can also order to go. Make sure you are at the Snackbar and not in the restaurant, there are two spots with the same name (one in front of each other). Here I’m talking about the Snackbar only.

Ambiance: It’s a dirty look kind of place, but so genuine. The spot is small; there’s a balcony facing the street and a few tables very close to each other.

My order: The Thaise Loempia’s/Spring Rolls (€4) are delicious, so are the Zoete Thaise Sparibs/Sweet Thai Spare Ribs (€4) as a starter. I love the Keng Kai/Chicken in Red Curry with Coconut Milk (€11) and the Kou Pad Kai/Fried Rice with Chicken (€10). The menu is pretty big, and they also have vegetarian options.

Zeedijk 77, 1012 AS Amsterdam | Official website



Food and menu of Burgerlijk in Amsterdam

What to know: This place serves one of the best burgers I’ve tasted so far in my life, it’s very moist and yummy. You have to pull together your burger (they have several options) and order directly at the balcony, they call your name when your order is ready. I discovered this precious little place when I was walking around the neighborhood and started raining, so… Why not have a burger while waiting for the rain to pass? Best decision ever.

Ambiance: The place is super small, two balconies (one facing the street and other the kitchen) and three tables. The ambiance is cool but simple, walls showing the bricks and wooden tables.

My order: The perfect combination for me is the small Beefburger with the Old Amsterdam Cheese and Mustard Mayo (€7,29). All the burgers already come with a delicious sauce, lettuce, and tomato – also pickles, but I asked to remove it because I’m not a fan.

Runstraat 1, 1016 GJ Amsterdam (one more location) | Official website



Food and ambiance of Boca's in Amsterdam

What to know: I discovered this place unintentionally while walking in the region. I passed in front of it, thought it was cute, and then came back for dinner. What a great surprise, Boca’s is a very trendy spot with some delicious options to share with your date or friends. The menu has a good variety of food, and it changes depending on the time. During the day they serve lunch, but I prefer to go at night because I like the bites menu, the drinks, and the night atmosphere.

Ambiance: The ambiance is cool and comfy, it has an intimate vibe. Perfect little spot to grab a bite and have a few drinks/wine.

My order: I like the Bitterballen (€6) and the Lobster Roll (€5,50). And, a glass of white wine to go with them, thank you very much!

Sarphatipark 4, 1072 PA Amsterdam (and other locations) | Official website


The Butcher

Food and ambiance of The Butcher in Amsterdam

What to know: The first burger I had when I visited Amsterdam for the first time. The first time I tried to go there, it was impossible to get in, so frustrating. This place is famous and packed during the weekend, especially at night. You can ask the burger to go or to stay if you’re lucky to find a place to sit. You order directly at the balcony and wait for them to call your name. There’s also a spot called The Butcher “Secret” Kitchen, which the only way to get in is making a dinner reservation by email, and having the three courses menu (€45). They also told me by email that more than three guys need to be accompanied by ladies. Well, I didn’t try the secret kitchen, so, can’t tell you if it’s worth or not. But the regular place is good enough, for sure.

Ambiance: It’s a small room with a very few tables, the kitchen is open, which I love. It has a casual vibe and a big fake cow at the entrance.

My order: The Butcher with Cheese (€9,50). But all of them looks delicious, hard to decide.

Albert Cuypstraat 129, 1072 CS Amsterdam (and other locations) | Official website


Pancakes Amsterdam

Food and ambiance of Pancakes Amsterdam in Amsterdam

What to know: My first pancake in Amsterdam, a Belgium friend told me about this place, and I couldn’t resist it. I had to wait for a while to get a table because I was alone and they were giving the spots to bigger groups, but the attendant was super nice to me. The place is pretty busy at lunch, and more people stop in front of it all the time. On every table they have powdered sugar, syrup, and honey, you can put as much as you want in your pancake. The orders come fast out of the kitchen, so all the waiting in line is compensated for the fast service. In the menu, you’ll also find American style pancakes. They don’t accept cash, only card.

Ambiance: Simple but cute ambiance, with tables inside and out. The place is small and busy.

My order: Sweet or salty? That’s the first hard decision. If you choose sweet then you can’t go wrong with the Apple Crumble and Vanilla Ice Cream Pancake (€9,80) – at least two people in a row asked me which one I was having.

Berenstraat 38, 1016 GH Amsterdam (and other locations) | Official website


Of course, there are many others great spots in Amsterdam to grab a bite, this is just a little list of restaurants that I really like and would recommend to a friend. Let me know in the comments if you have been to these restaurants already and what you think of them. Also, feel free to add new names to the list, I love receiving tips on places to eat.


The prices presented here are from November of 2016, and the currency is Euro

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