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I’m an artist who loves to travel. I was born and raised in a small town in the countryside of Brazil, and I’ve lived in São Paulo (Brazil), New York City (USA), Antwerp (Belgium), and Lisbon (Portugal), where I’m currently living. Living abroad, explore other countries, and be in touch with other cultures is wonderful, a very open-mind experience. But Brazil will always be my home, no matter where I go.

I’m very eclectic when it comes to picking a destination to explore. I like natural destinations and beautiful landscapes. But I also enjoy cities and everything they have to offer in terms of gastronomy, art, festivals, and nightlife.  Small villages also make my heart beat faster. The more historic and picturesque, the better.

I enjoy long-term and well-planned trips, it’s an opportunity to get to know more deeply the destination and the local culture. But quick getaways (weekend or roundtrip), also please me. Although I’m a planner, I like to leave room for spontaneity, for the unexpected. The unexpected can be surprisingly pleasant, and some of my happiest travel moments were results of out-of-the-script programs.

I travel whenever I can, it’s one of my priorities. But I believe it’s not always necessary to go far away to have an incredible experience. So, when I’m not traveling, I explore the city I live in and its surroundings. I make the most of the places I’m able to visit, and with the time I have available. Every destination has something good to offer, something that makes it unique, whether in terms of breathtaking landscapes, gastronomy, culture, architecture.

The Let’s Cross The World is not about me, it’s about the places I’ve visited that made my heart beat faster. It’s about the experiences that made me feel more alive, surprised, stronger, and sometimes smaller against the immensity of the world. My intention is to inspire, inform, and give tips based on my experiences so you can start your very own journey. I don’t want my discoveries to become lost, I want to share them with everyone who also loves to travel.


Thanks for visiting. Happy travels!